Terms and conditions 

Doing my workshops is a dream I’ve had for many years. Now the time has come and I’m so excited. Running these workshops is a bliss, I still have to realize that it is a business too. Therefor needs to be some terms of business, which I’ll describe underneath in respect to you and myself.

I recommend you taking a moment to read the terms and conditions carefully before booking your workshop.

Respect & Privacy

Students are able to discuss personal details during the course without worrying about their details or participation being shared. Our terms of business therefore reflect this.

Please note that by applying to the course you sign in your application, to say that you have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

By entering into a competition you are agreeing with the terms and conditions outlined below.

Terms and conditions for GØTZ workshops

Terms Client (you) hereby warrant that all information submitted by you is true, current and complete.


By applying for a workshop or course you agree to accept the following terms and conditions.

These are the terms of enrolment onto a course at GØTZ or to the content of GØTZ website. These terms and conditions constitute the terms of the legally binding contract (“the Contract”) between you, the student, any Guarantor set out in the enrolment form and GØTZ


Payment should be made in full at the time of booking through www.gotzbread.com. If you cannot pay online. Please send an email to jesper@gotzbread.com and we proceed via email. GØTZ cannot take provisional bookings for workshops and are unable to confirm your place on a workshop until we have received payment in full.


All teaching material is considered to be intellectual property and as such you acknowledge and agree that the content, information, materials and comments in this website remain confidential to GØTZ.

All participants to GØTZ workshops agree to maintain this content and all elements in strict confidence and not to disclose or provide access thereto to any unauthorized person or entity and are strictly for personal use only.

Cancellations and refunds

Cancellation by GØTZ.

In the unlikely event of a cancellation by GØTZ. GØTZ will provide a suitable alternative course within a reasonable period of time or make a full refund to you.

If you need to change the date of your booking please notify GØTZ by writing to workshop@gotzbread.com at least 1 month (4 weeks) prior to the workshop date and GØTZ will be more than happy to help find an alternative date. GØTZ can’t guarantee that this will be possible and the booking will remain booked at the original and will not be refunded.

Cancellation of a course by you.

Cancellation and refund is not available under any circumstances.

If in extenuating circumstances (medical reasons) you cannot attend a course. GØTZ is unable to offer refunds on any workshop booked.

In the event that you are unable to attend a class and would like to send someone to replace you, please notify GØTZ in writing by email to workshop@gotzbread.com.

Anti-social behaviour

GØTZ reserve the right to ask any student to leave the workshop immediately at any point due to any racist, abusive, homophobic, anti-social behaviour. It is entirely at our discretion to remove anyone from the classroom, without notice or refund.

Phones & photography

Many Students are uncomfortable being recorded or photographed. GØTZ do not allow the use of mobile phones or photography during GØTZ workshops to record other students or Jesper Gøtz. Please ask permission before taking photos of people.

Phones may be used in allocated breaks, outside of the classroom and to record the practical tutorials.

Health & Safety

GØTZ request that you provide full details of any conditions including food allergies or digestive issues before attendance and give the location of any essential medicines on arrival at GØTZ workshops

You must take all reasonable steps to ensure your own health and safety. Any behaviour or act or conduct by you (including without limitation any abusive behaviour, physical or psychological) which GØTZ consider to pose any medical, security or safety risk may lead to you being asked to leave the workshop without refund.


Please inform GØTZ if you have any allergies at least a week prior to the workshop by sending an email to workshop@gotzbread.com. Include if you have allergies that would need special attention. You are responsible to give guidance to GØTZ if you have a special procedure to ensure you safety that you might need help with.


GØTZ provide all the ingredients, equipment, and any other equipment for the workshop.

GØTZ are unable to tailor workshops to special dietary requirements however we do try and accommodate food preferences as far as possible. GØTZ is not a nut free environment.

GØTZ agrees to be responsible, so far as reasonably practical, for the health and safety of our equipment & ingredients used in the courses.

GØTZ will not be responsible for, or have any liability to you for, accidental damage or injury arising during classes in your home or resulting from the actions or omissions of anyone attending the course. GØTZ will not be responsible for damage directly caused by attending the workshop. But GØTZ will be helpful in the best way possible if notified in the time of the workshop.

You must not bring any items of special value onto GØTZ premises. GØTZ will not accept responsibility for the loss of any personal possessions.

GØTZ will not be liable for any loss suffered by you, which is indirect, special or consequential.

GØTZ will not be liable for any loss suffered by you resulting from any event, which is beyond the reasonable control of GØTZ.


Applications are not open to professionals who teach bread making.

Workshops are not open to Coeliacs – we are very sorry but my insurance will not cover any teaching to anyone with this autoimmune disease.


I have worked on making a GØTZ workshops accessible to all, however like many industrial buildings the workshop has a few minor challenges for the less mobile. We have always been able to work around this in the past and these are minor issues. However we would ask that you send an e-mail to Jesper at workshops@gotzbread.com to discuss your specific needs before booking.

The Contract contains all of the contractual terms agreed between you, the invoice addressee and GØTZ.

No failure or delay by GØTZ in enforcing any of its rights under the Contract shall be deemed to be a waiver of such right.